6-week journey that will re-connect you with your pelvic floor, breasts, menstruation and pleasure - through gentle yoga practices.

For total beginners.


  •  Lifetime access to the course content. 

  •  30x beautifully and professionally recorded videos that demonstrate all the practices.

  •  30x downloadable audios, so you can do these practices anytime and anywhere. 

  • 1x PDF Book: The Radiant Woman by Sandra Laznik.

  • 3x gift yoga practices to help you sleep better, boost your confidence and help you relax and restore. 

  • Ongoing online support from the course creator Sandra Laznik.

  • A step by step program with beginners yoga exercises to:

1. Relax pelvic floor muscles

2. Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

3. Increase libido

4. Improve breast health

5. Reduce PMS

6. Eliminate period pain. 


Self-Intimacy 101 Course Content:

  • 1
    • Welcome home! Watch this first.
    • How this course works and how to get the most out of it
  • 2
    Week 1 - Pelvic Floor Relaxing
    • Introduction
    • Practice Overview
    • Learn how to notice the sensations in your pelvic area
    • Enjoy the relaxation of the sacrum and inner thighs
    • Practise releasing and softening the pelvic floor muscles
    • Learn how to realign the muscles in your pelvic and hip area
    • Explore how to energetically nourish the abdominal-pelvic cavity
    • Download Pelvic Floor Releasing - Full Audio Program
  • 3
    Week 2 - Pelvic Floor Strengthening
    • Introduction
    • Practice Overview
    • Amplify the squeeze motion by using your breath
    • Stimulate the uro-genital system and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
    • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
    • Increase circulation to pelvic floor muscles
    • Increase pleasure
    • Download Pelvic Floor Strengthening - Full Audio Program
  • 4
    Week 3 - Breast Health
    • Introduction
    • Video: Breast massage is the best natural tool for hormonal health
    • Video: Tips to make breast health practice the most effective
    • Video: 5 benefits of breast health practice
    • Practice Overview
    • Naturally balance the nervous system and clear out the toxins
    • Release the breast soreness
    • Get fuller, bigger, perkier breasts
    • Boost the immune system and balance your kidney energy.
    • Clear out stuck emotions or heartbreaks.
    • Download Breast Health - Full Audio Program
  • 5
    Week 4 - Libido Boost
    • Introduction
    • Practice Overview
    • Get rid of the numbness
    • Retrain your body and mind to use your sexual force to empower yourself
    • Develop and intensify the pleasure sensations
    • Refine your sexual energy and circulate it all over your body
    • Connect the brain and womb (third eye = clitoris)
    • Download Libido Boost - Full Audio Program
  • 6
    Bonus 1 - Goodbye PMS
    • Introduction
    • Practice Overview
    • Blow out irritation
    • Release subconscious anger and become neutral in your perception
    • Dispel shallow breath (which is number 1 cause for moodiness)
    • Balance emotions, digestion and glandular system
    • Relief mild headache
    • Download Full Audio Program - Goodbye PMS
  • 7
    Bonus 2 - Goodbye Period Pain
    • Introduction
    • Practice Overview
    • Bleeding is creating a space for a new beginning
    • Ease menstrual disorders and reduce stomach troubles
    • Relax your spine, pelvis and stomach due to period pain
    • Calm down the nervous system
    • Connect to your menstruation in a more holistic way
    • Download Full Audio Program - Goodbye Period Pain
  • 8
    • Your Voice Matters & Your Opinion is Gold - Survey
  • 9
    • The Radiant Woman: Book & Yoga Practices
    • Yoga practice to boost confidence
    • Yoga practice to relax and restore
    • Yoga practice for better sleep
    • Additional Reading Recommendations

Champagne, dimmed lights and jacuzzi can help you relax.

But they won't solve your deep inner desire to be seen and admired.

Go within and find unconditional love and acceptance inside you first.

Everything else follows.